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In the northernmost part of Vestlandet, the region along the Atlantic coast of southern Norway lies the district of Romsdal, named after the 60-kilometre-long valley that runs through the area. Here you can revel between the best of what Norwegian nature has to offer.

Trollstigen, a serpentine mountain road with a massive 10% incline is a visual feast. Regarded as one of the most famous National Routes of Norway, it offers breath-taking views, massive mountain slopes and beautiful waterfalls. Stay at the viewing point and take a stroll to the largest of the two viewing platforms for the best possible shot of the majestic Trollveggen, Europe’s highest perpendicular rock face. You’ll be amazed over the adrenaline pump these views can generate.

The Romsdalseggen ridge is considered as one of the world’s most beautiful and scenic mountain hikes. The 10-kilometres long hike is a full day activity starting off at an altitude of 400 meters reaching its peak at Blånebba 1320 meters above sea level. Bring along a steady lunch, fill up your water bottles in the pouring mountain stream and get ready for 10 hours of constant spectacular views and experiences.

Parts of the hike are exposed and at the steepest passages’ chains are bolted in for better grip. At the end of the hike you will reach Rampestreke, a 20-metre bizarre photography ramp in steel – of which half appear to hang in thin air. At 550 metres above sea level, this is the perfect spot for a final emotional view of the majestic Romdalsfjorden.

Surrounded by mountain tops, the river, and the fjord - Romsdal is the ideal starting point for uncountable extraordinary adventures.

Safe travels!