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Together we are facing environmental challenges that we must deal with. And the fashion and textile industry has an important role to play in the transition towards a sustainable future. Every brand that aspires to call themselves contemporary must take responsibility on a different level in our joint aim to stop global warming.

As an outdoor brand, we enjoy portraying the extraordinary nature and strive to inspire people to enjoy the outdoors. We want to keep doing that for many generations to come. Thus, it’s in our greatest interests to try to improve and challenge the fashion and textile industry by embracing sustainable design and production methods, and by educating consumers.

About 80% of the climate impact from the textile industry comes from the production process, so most of the opportunities to improve are here. We aim to employ the following sustainable design and production methods as part of our ambition to challenge outdated ways of creating garments.

sustainable design and production methods

  • Long-lasting materials and fabrics equate to long-lasting garments. And by upgrading lifetime expectancy on clothes we lower the need for new garments.
  • Local sourcing/ production mean shorter lead-times and more demand-oriented clothing collections. In this way it is possible to reduce the risk of overproduction.
  • Applying a design philosophy that accounts for emotional longevity by designing garments in cuts and colours that remain relevant over time. In opposite to fast fashion.
  • Designing garments that are easy to clean, repair and reuse. It’s more fun to care for garments that lasts, and it’s easier to recycle products made to be circular.

To us, there is no better feeling than the satisfaction of creating garments with the potential to become future classics being around for years by you caring for them, repairing them when needed, and recycling them when appropriate. Read about our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint through our policies and vision here.